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Physics Department

Location: 180-204
Phone: (805) 756-2448
Fax: (805) 756-2435
Chair: Robert Echols


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The Physics Department office is located in building 180, room 204. (map)

Department Contact

Physics Department
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0401
Phone: 805–756–2448
Fax: 805–756–2435

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Current Full-Time Faculty
Part-Time Faculty
Emeritus Faculty

Department Staff

Name Title phone Email Office
Echols, Robert

Professor, Physics

Department Chair

805-756-2447 180-204B
Coulombe, Kevin Instructional Support Technician, Physics 805-756-2449

Hushing-Kline, Mikele Administrative Support Coordinator 805-756-1752

Orlando, Emily Administrative Support Coordinator 805-756-2448 180-204
Soderberg, Steve Instructional Support Technician, Physics 805-756-6250 180-640A
Thompson, Kevin Instructional Support Technician, Physics 805-756-6251 180-271A

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Current Full-Time Faculty

(Current Quarter Office Hours)

Name Title phone Email Office
Abdalmoneam, Marwa Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1604 116-109
Beekman, Matt Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-7129 180-511
Bennert, Vardha N. Associate Professor, Physics 805-756-7317 sabbatical
Bensky, Tom Professor, Physics
Department Scheduler
805-756-7655 25-215
Christiansen, Jodi Professor, Physics 805-756-2778 180-617
Clough, Andrew Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1608 116-109
Culbreath, Christopher Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1613 116-108
Demsetz, Elizabeth Senior Lecturer, Physics 805-756-7334 26M-107
Douglas, Andrew Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-2062 116-108
Echols, Sean Senior Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1692 25-200
Edwards, Louise Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-7674 180-619
Fernsler, Jon Professor, Physics 805-756-2438 180-522
Fraser, Scott Senior Lecturer, Physics 805-756-2800 25-206
Garcia, Antonio Professor, Geology 805-756-2430 180-607
Gillen, Glen Professor, Physics 805-756-2364 180-612
Gillen, Katharina Professor, Physics 805-756-2199 180-615
Glazar, Nikolaus Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1635 116-108
Granger, Brian Associate Professor, Physics 805-756-2424 180-610
Gutierrez, Thomas D. Professor, Physics 805-756-2455 180-611
Heston, Nathan Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-7658 180-622
Hoellwarth, Chance Professor, Physics
CESaME Director
805-756-1665 25-124
Holtzapple, Robert Professor, Physics 805-756-2602 180-512
Humer, Irene Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-2029 116-106
Jasbinsek, John J. Associate Professor,
Geology & Geophysics
805-756-2013 180-520
Jeffery, Elizabeth Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-2019 180-604
Johnston, Scott Associate Professor, Geology 805-756-1650 180-521
Keim, Nathan Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-2467 180-618
Keller, John Associate Professor, Physics
CESaME Co-Director
805-756-2095 25-128
Klay, Jennifer Associate Professor, Physics 805-756-1250 180-620
Kogan, Oleg Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-2473 116-107
Krahn, Graham Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1583 116-107
Kuriabova, Tatiana Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-1664 180-519
Lu, Lei Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1612 116-109
Marlow, Colleen Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-2065 180-508
Mastoridis, Themis Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-2197 180-609
Mewes, Matt Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-2881 180-510
Mitchell, David Professor, Physics 805-756-5290 180-614
Moelter, Matt Professor, Physics 805-756-2656 180-605
Sanchez, Alfredo Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1610 116-109
Saunders, Karl Professor, Physics 805-756-1696 25-204
Schwartz, Pete Professor, Physics 805-756-1220 180-608
Sharpe, John Professor, Physics 805-756-2069 180-621
Sungar, Nilgun Professor, Physics 805-756-2851 180-606
Venkataramani, Krithika Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-2073 116-106
Vokos, Stamatis

Professor, Physics

STAR Director

805-756-2306 25-127
Walter, Ryan Assistant Professor, Physical Oceanography 805-756-1357 180-509
White, Daniel Full-Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-1614 116-108
Wissel, Stephanie Assistant Professor, Physics 805-756-7375 180-616

Part-Time Faculty

Eickemeyer, Jim Part Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-7630 116-213
Field, Bob

Affiliate Professor, Physics 180-642
Horst, William Part Time Lecturer, Physics

805-756-7650 26M-108
Hughes, Gary Professor, Dept Statistics - Part Time, Geology 805-756-5648 25-107G
Wang, Xiaofeng (Jack)

Part Time Lecturer,




Wydzga, Aleksandra Part Time Lecturer, Geology 805-756-2702 26M-108
Ulrich, Steven Part Time Lecturer, Physics 805-756-7630 116-213

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Emeritus Faculty

Balthaser, Lawrence

Professor Emeritus,

Brown, Nicholas Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Brown, Ron

Professor Emeritus,

Buffa, Anthony Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Cary, Arthur Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Chipping, David Professor Emeritus Geology  
Dickerson, Robert Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Foster, Theodore Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Frankel, Richard Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Hafemeister, David Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Hoffman, Kenneth Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Knight, Randy Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Mottmann, John Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Poling, John Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Saenz, Richard A. Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Stowe, Keith Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Wall, Leonard Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Wilson, Walter Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Wyngaarden, Willem Van Professor Emeritus, Physics  
Zammit, Ron Professor Emeritus, Physics  

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